Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unfortunate Truth: You Should Be Sprinting

Got this from my friend over at Dirty White Belt:

Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen....we should be sprinting to maximize our training. Sigh.
The terrible truth is out there.
If you're human, like me, you probably hate sprints.
In fact you probably come up with all kinds of reasons to avoid them.
However, if you read the following and still find a reason excuse to think you don't need to sprint, you're sticking your head in the sand and just rationalizing your own weakness of commitment to maximixing your potential.

However, the truth is pretty incontrovertible:

"A group of scientists late last year decided to apply a similar protocol to trained wrestlers. The Sprint Interval Training (SIT) consisted of 6 35-m sprints at maximum effort with a 10-second recovery between each sprint. The SIT protocol was performed in 2 sessions per week, for the 4 weeks. The SIT subjects did everything else the same as the control group, their training consisted of learning and drilling technique, live wrestling and weight training for 4 weeks. The subjects experienced an increase in VO2 max (5.4%) and a increase in testosterone and decrease in cortisol."

"In another study on elite level Korean Judo athletes undertook sprint interval training with 30 second sprints and 4 minutes rest. The results were compelling “anaerobic peak power and mean power in SIT group was significantly increased by 16% and 17% at 4 weeks and by 17% and 22% at 8 weeks compared to baseline values.” Additionally the blood lactate was lower and ability to clear metabolites was higher in those who did SIT."

" In 2005 and 2006 Burgomaster et al performed studies looking at the effect of sprint training on endurance. They concluded that short sprint interval training (approximately 15 min of intense exercise over 2 wk period) increased muscle oxidative potential and doubled endurance capacity during intense aerobic cycling in recreationally active individuals.

"In 2005 Gibala reported that 30 second bursts working at 250% of VO2 max had significant improvements on endurance."

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