Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tournament Proof Tuesday: Wrestling Class

If you are a NoGi competitor, you should be attending a wrestling class.
If your interior monologue is already inventing excuses reasons for why you can't go, then you will likely never be a high level competitor. Not b/c of the factors beyond your control but b/c you would rather rationalize deficiencies in your game than address them.
Even worse are those who will watch Torres vs Tanquinho (below) and use the amount of time on the feet "wasted" as a rationale for why their current training and gameplan paradigm is superior.
Your rationalization to avoid where you are uncomfortable (on your feet and/or wrestling) is deeply-ingrained and it will take a major shift for you to come out of the cave and walk into the light.

There is no greater failure than than choosing not to succeed.
Even for those who do not regularly compete, you are missing out on a whole host of new problems, situations, and positions to learn and adapt to your grappling.

Regardless your focus, it will improve your game.
The choice is yours.

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