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Heavyweight Copa Podio Results

Here they are, from over at

If and when you wanted to see how Keenan Cornelius fared against Rodolfo (arguably one of the top 3 in the world alongside Buchecha and the inimitable Roger Gracie, click HERE).
Winner (or Draw)Loser (or Draw)Result
Alexandre de Souza “Pop”Lucio Rodrigues “Lagarto”Points: 2×0
Antonio Braga NetoBruno BastosPoints: 11×0
Joao Gabriel RochaAlexandre de SouzaPoints: 2×0
Antonio Braga NetoLucio Rodrigues “Lagarto”Advantages: 3×0
Alexandre de SouzaBruno BastosPoints: 11×0
Joao Gabriel RochaLucio Rodrigues “Lagarto”Points: 7×0
Antonio Braga NetoAlexandre de SouzaPoints: 2×2
Joao Gabriel RochaBruno BastosPoints: 3×0
Antonio Braga NetoJoao Gabriel RochaPoints: 2×0
Group 2
Leonardo NogueiraKeenan CorneliusPoints: 2×2 (draw)
Rodolfo VieiraAlexandre CeconiSubmission: Choke
Alexandre Ribeiro “Xande”Keenan CorneliusPoints: 4×2
Rodolfo VieiraLeonardo NogueiraPoints: 9×0
Alexandre CeconiKeenan CorneliusAdvantages
Leonardo NogueiraAlexandre Ribeiro “Xande”Advantages: 2×1
Rodolfo VieiraKeenan CorneliusPoints: 10×0
Alexandre Ribeiro “Xande”Alexandre CeconiSubmission: Armbar
Leonardo NogueiraAlexandre CeconiSubmission: Choke
Rodolfo VieiraAlexandre Ribeiro “Xande”Advantages: 6×0
After the group stage, Alexandre de Souza and Braga Neto advanced to the semi finals of the tournament from the 1st group and Rodolfo Vieira and Leo Nogueira advanced from the second group.

Copa Podio Results / Semi Final (Heavyweight Tournament)

Semi Finals
Leonardo NogueiraAntonio Braga NetoPoints: 7×0
Rodolfo VieiraAlexandre de SouzaSubmission: Armbar

Copa Podio Results / Final (Heavyweight Tournament)

Note: There was no 3rd place fight as Antonio Braga Neto injured himself on the fight with Leo Nogueira and could not compete.
Rodolfo VieiraLeonardo NogueiraAdvantages: 3×0

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