Thursday, January 31, 2013

IBJJF European Open Results

The inimitable Terrere stepping back onto the world stage to compete. Inspirational given the past several years for the legend of the sport.

From over at BJJ Heroes:

2013 Jiu Jitsu European Open Results, Absolute Men’s Division

Quarter Finals
Bernardo FariaRenato CardosoSubmission: Omoplata
Claudio CalasansLeonardo MacielPoints: 2×0
Alexander TransLucio RodriguesPoints
Leonardo NogueiraBruno MatiasSubmission: Leglock
Semi Finals
Leonardo NogueiraAlexander TransPoints: 4×0
Bernardo FariaClaudio CalasansPoints: 4×0
In the final Bernardo Faria gave the victory to Leonardo Nogueira in a gentleman’s agreement as both competitors come from the same camp.

2013 BJJ European Open Results, Absolute Women’s Division

Quarter Finals
Marina RibeiroNyjah EastonSubmission: Choke from back
Luana AlzuguirCaroline de LazzerSubmission: Choke from back
Polyana LagoMackenzie DernPoints
Michelle NicoliniWON/A
Semi Finals
Luana AlzuguirMarina RibeiroSubmission: Armbar
Michelle NicoliniPolyana LagoSubmission: Armbar
The final match never went through as the finalist Michele Nicolini injured herself in a previous match and could not proceed in the competition. The gold medal was awarded to Luanna.

BJJ European BJJ Championship Finals Results, 2013 Men’s Divisions

Rooster Weight/Peso Galo
Brandon MullinsKoji ShibamotoSubmission: Triangle
Light Feather Weight/Peso Pluma
Laercio FernandesCarlos Vieira HolandaAdvantage
Feather Weight/Peso Pena
Rubens CharlesAugusto MendesPoints: 2×0
Light Weight/Peso Leve
Michael LanghiVinicius MarinhoPoints: 9×4
Middleweight/Peso M├ędio
Claudio CalasansFernando TerereDQ (reaping the knee)
Medium Heavy Weight/Peso Meio Pesado
Romulo BarralRodrigo FajardoSubmission: Choke from mount
Heavy Weight/Peso Pesado
Dimitrius SouzaLeonardo MacielAdvantages: 3×1
Super Heavy Weight/Peso Super Pesado
Bernardo FariaLucio RodriguesPoints: 4×0
Ultra Heavy Weight/Peso Galo
Alexander TransRodrigo CavacaPoints: 3×0

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