Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IBJJF Euro 2013 Results/Rundown

From over at Graciemag:

"When Michelle Nicolini hurt her foot at the end of her match against Nyjah Easton, the 2013 Euro Open was without a absolute black belt final, male or female" <-- exactly one of the biggest problems in sport Jiu-Jitsu.

"Cobrinha and Tanquinho waged a full blown war in the featherweight, with a 2-0 win for Cobrinha.
Fernando Tererê was welcomed back to his natural habitat and that’s why the DQ in the final against Claudio Calasans Jr did not realy matter after all.
Alexander Trans did the same thing twice, in the semifinal against Leo Nogueira, and in the final, against Rodrigo Cavaca.
He managed to turn the result arround in the last 30s, with two guard passes.
Romulo Barral never gave Rodrigo Fajardo a rest and ended with a choke from the mount for his first Euro Open gold.
Bernardo Faria played safe against Lucio Lagarto to manage the 2-0 lead that earned him the gold and the decision to concede the absolute gold to friend and teammate Leo Nogueira.
Michael Langhi, known for his almost perfect guard decided to play on top and passed Vinicius Marinho’s guard for the gold.
Even after all those thrills, Sunday needed closing and that is what brown belts João Miyao and Keenan Cornelius provided.
Both fighters exchanged attacks to each others’ feet.
At the very end, Keenan decided to not let the refs call the winner.
In a move that almost cost him a ruptured knee, he sank an ezequiel choke and put Miyao to sleep."

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