Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcoming Questions for 2013's Crystal Ball of MMA and Jiu-Jitsu

Will Babalu's entry into Bellator show he remains a cut above all but the A list in MMA or is his career waning?

Will Alvarez make the jump into the UFC and was the loss to Chandler a matter of getting caught or are his best days behind him?

Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen: no elaboration necessary.

How will Lombard fit into the Middleweight division this year and assuming he wins a few more, how many excuses will Anderson make to avoid fighting him?

Will Frankie Edgar get cut into pieces by the varied attack of Jose Aldo or will Edgar prove he is the Cinderella Man of MMA and take the 145 strap.

Who will challenge GSP after Nick Diaz? I lose track of all the interim/title challenger/no.1-no.2.8 ranked challengers thanks to Dana White's refusal to ever actually say if a fight is for the no. 1 contender spot.
How many fights does Jim Miller need to win to get a title shot?

How will Cormier and Melendez fare in the UFC?

Will anyone watch Demetrious Johnson defend his belt against another version of him in John Dodson?

Will Ronda Rousey's import be a boom or bust? So far the ticket sales are less than awe-inspiring. Faber gets his 14,346th title shot on the same card I believe.

Will Overreem pass his drug tests and actually fight in the UFC more than once or just continue to eat horse meat and fight mismatches in MMA between K-1 Grand Prix's?

On steroid news, will John Barnett get a shot in the UFC after being the first guy to get popped for it in the UFC and lose his HW belt he won over Randy Couture and after sinking Affliction by pissing hot before his fight with Fedor?

How will Keenan Cornelius fare in the Copa Podio as a brown belt, moving up from middleweight to heavyweight, in 6 minute matches, and in the so called "group of death" with Rodolfo and Xande among others?

When will the Mendes brothers return to competition?

How will Cobrinha fare coming off that spectacular armbar loss to Rafael?

Will Buchecha continue as the world's best or will Rodolfo reclaim the throne?
Where does Roger fit into the above burgeoning rivalry?

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