Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HTFU vs Rick Hawn, Lloyd Irvin Jabs, Sean Roberts' Calf Slicer

Rick Hawn's sponsor who issued a stop payment on his check as a result of Hawn's loss via submission (RNC) has agreed to pay Hawn.

God bless the internet for it's lambasting and over the top onslaught of hate to convince the sponsor show Hawn the $$$.

Belfort Mortal Kombats Bisping:

Some Team Lloyd Irvin hate from Meerkatsu (the artistic T-Shirt/rash guard designer with the guitar). "Proud to be a 97%'er."
I've resisted the urge to discuss the continuing fallout for Lloyd Irvin on here b/c the internet, forums, and otherwise are hashing it out at a rate resembling fision in the sun. That, and despite what media reports may portray, things are never as cut and dry when it comes down to the days that actually matter: which are in court. Anyone who's dealt enough with the media and high(er) profile cases know the media is one of the last places you can trust to accurately portray the ins and outs of a case that is only just beginning and for which the investigation has only just begun.
Being arrested and charged in America is a far cry from a guilty verdict and this cuts both ways: for those who are guilty and for those wrongfully accused.
The past regarding Lloyd's own trial regarding rape is the real snake in the grass within all of this debate. However, a big chunk of what is going on (regardless of what comes out as the truth in the end) is this simply provides a leg to stand on for those who were already overt or closet haters of Team Lloyd Irvin.
I find it interesting that some people have only chosen to come out with their thoughts on Lloyd Irvin and everything else now that this shadow is cast over him already. I have to consider, if you were that concerned about him and any shadiness.....why didn't you make people aware before?

If you liked that slick calf slicer Sean Roberts hit at the BJJ Kumite, here he is explaining it in detail. Get ready for a lot of exploded knees across mid level belts in many gyms across the US:

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