Monday, July 8, 2013

2 Final Perspectives on Passing Spider Guard: Rafael Lovato Jr. and Andre Galvao

I've posted up some spider guard passes from the likes of Rafael Mendes, Cobrinha, Bruno Frazatto, and Leo Vieira.

I'll throw two more well-known guys into the mix with Andre Galvao and Rafael Lovato Jr.:

Rafael Lovato Jr.
His pass begins from kind of a mid-spider guard type position where he's attempting to kill one of the spider hooks low to get to his headquarters position, and the other hook is more of a leg lasso I've heard it called. He clears the hook by switching his feet to clear the low hook and thus change the angle on the hook/lasso on his right arm:

Andre Galvao
Galvao does something similar to Cobrinha's pass, and then the switching of the feet to bring pressure with the knee to clear the hook/danger to his left arm. The knee on thigh position Andre gets to before clearing the hook on his right arm is very Corbinha-esque as well :


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