Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday's MMA Video Deluge/While I was Gone

I have returned from my self-imposed month long hiatus. I hope the smattering of posts I scheduled during my absence was enough to keep this tiny corner of the mma-grappling-centric corner of the blogosphere sated. I'm always surprised at just how little content there is out there given how many people around the world compete in our various(ly) related sports.

I have digressed.

I missed two UFC events in my absence.
Anderson Silva got KO'd which I heard about second hand and have not yet seen.
The short of it is Rory McDonald fought a technical boring fight and won via jab ala GSP over Koscheck, not that it sounds like Ellenberger did much more than pose for said jab. Robbie Lawler continues his ascent to the title of MMA's current Cinderella man (remember Nick Diaz's brutal KO of him way back when). Demetrious Johnson got a sadly rare finish in the flyweight/bantamweight division.

That being said, the spate of title fights on deck for the UFC continues with the Korean Zombie fighting Jose Aldo soon, and Bellator has some face-punching headed our way soon as well.
On to the videos.


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