Friday, July 11, 2014

Metamoris 4 Countdown Video: Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett

Well, we never got the Toquinho/Lister Leg Lock Bonanza we were promised, but this is a good runner-up despite any size difference notwithstanding.

The Leg Lock Apocaplypse that never came to fruition.....ACL's everywhere rejoice!
I  was an avid, vitriolic, and vociferous hater par excellence of the first two editions of the Metamoris.
But, I am not above admitting my change of heart because the last event was a great one (minus some weird named hip-hop dude announcing fights), and I am genuinely excited for this next card except that it has only one Gi match from what I've read thus far (plus a secret match! Ooooh!)

Gimmicks notwithstanding, bring on the hype train!

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