Thursday, July 17, 2014

UFC Fight Night 45 Full Highlights: Cerrone vs Miller et al

Cerrone looked impressive early landing hard knees and heavy kicks.
It's time for the guy to get a title shot with as many wins as he's picked up. He's found a way to lose right when a title shot was within his grasp but Jim Miller is one tough fighter and Cerrone finished him. In other not included highlight news, Tibau grinded out a smaller and more weary looking Pat Healy who never seemed to get into his rhythm and Rick Story arm triangle a Brazil TUF Vet in the 2nd round if I'm not mistaken. Altogether, solid night of fights with some submissions, TKO's, stand n' bang action from the smaller guys and a headline worthy fight featuring Cerrone vs Miller.

Another awesome fight full of thudding muay thai would be Cerrone vs Barboza

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