Thursday, July 31, 2014

Metamoris 4 Picks & Shots in the Dark Gambling Enabler

My Picks:
Galvao vs Sonnen - Having seen how quickly Filho submitted Sonnen, I'm actually gonna go with Galvao to win by submission on this one. Chael has a habit of choking in the high profile go-rounds.

Lister vs Barnett - Barnett is big and wily enough to avoid the leg lock game. I see Barnette grinding out most of the match on top, semi-stalling with his head low, looking to pass but not really.

Ribeiro vs Medeiros - Comprido is a big dude, and Saulo just, in  my mind is so much smaller than him. Saulo seems to have that magic Jiu-Jitsu though, that invisible put my hand in your collar and you're out without realizing it type of Jiu-Jitsu, so I'm gonna go with Saulo to pull the rabbit out the hat and win by submission in the battle of the old men on the card.

Cornelius vs Magalhaes - Cornelius is a beast, as evidenced by his NoGi performance at the ADCC, but Magalhaes has won the ADCC and has faced the likes of Fabricio Werdum and nother insane notable. I don't see Magalhaes finishing the squirrely Keenan, but I see Magalhaes coming as close to dominating Keenan as we've seen someone do in NoGi.

Tonon vs Dale - Tonon is a beast and and is hyper aggressive and his match with Kron Gracie at the ADCC is a testament to that. I see Tonon putting Dale in some dangerous spots with Dale making it an exciting match by escaping and relying on his athleticism to stay in it, but I see Tonon clearly dominating positionally but not getting the finish as Dale has always looked tough to finish (Copa Podio et al) and I've actually not seen him subbed in competition.

Secret Match ??

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