Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday/Weekend Combat Sports News Mash-Up

Women have returned to Bellator, in the event you watch women fight who aren't named Rousey.

UFC Fight Night 47 is tomorrow.

We've reached critical mass in terms of filling cards with whoever is able to fight: Bader vs St. Preux and Pearson vs Maynard is co-main event-ing this bad boy. I'll be working my side job downtown and hopefully simultaneously catching most of the fights. The good news is there's 6 fights and I forsee a good number of finishes given the names on here: Bader vs Preux will end by stoppage, Maynard and Pearson even if they don't finish one another will slug it out stand n' bang style, Boetsch vs Tavares will be a grinder but both guys always show up to fight win or lose. Shawn Jordan will KO some heavyweight you've never heard of or continue his slip from HW title consideration, but that fight will also end by stoppage. Thiago Tavares will finish Robbie Peralta as I've admittedly not seen Peralta fight.

"main CARD
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