Friday, August 15, 2014

Throwback Friday: First Judo Tournament Post ACL Surgery

13 months removed from ACL surgery, I competed in Judo. I hadn't intended to compete, only to help coach and support some teammates, but being at the venue, with my Gi to warm up with teammates, I realized the only reason I wouldn't compete was not out of fear of injury, but fear of losing and that wasn't acceptable.
It's been a long road back to form after ACL Surgery, but the rule changes to Judo have seriously taken a bite out of my desire to compete. The sport truly does feel different, and winning doesn't feel as good as it did before I left competition due to surgery. I've competed 3 times since my ACL surgery, medaled each time, but the winning just doesn't feel the same. It's a much, much, much more narrow range of throwing techniques nowadays and I truly do miss the versatility of freestyle Judo as it now exists.

That being said, about a year ago:
So I signed up for the 66kg and the 73kg divisions. I took got DQ'd off of a kouchimakikomi/leg touch in the first round of the 66k6 but came back to win 2 matches. I then lost in the semi-finals of the 73kg due to flat out referee error.

At any rate, I do miss Judo, and I do miss the pre-hansokumake-for-leg-grabbing rules:

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