Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jeff Glover Dressed Like Wolverine Being Jeff Glover

I'll say this for Jeff Glover. The guy competes one moment like he could not care any less, any other moments flashes brilliantly. At any rate, he is one of our more enduring personalities among American Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. I'm slowly training a bit more NoGi every now and then. Coming back from ACL surgery, and being promoted to purple belt back in December, if I'm going to compete NoGi, I have to start looking at the leg locks and the like as they loom on the horizon for me. It's a different aspect of grappling, one I admittedly know very little about, and that means there is room for growth and learning and I'm considering doing the advanced division coming up at the end of August at US Grappling's Virginia Beach event.
That, and some days, I only get a match or two at purple belt featherweight. And mat time, is good time, so....time to put on my big kid pants and walk the line.



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  2. thanks man, thanks for the encouragement