Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Negative Nancy's Metamoris After-Thoughts & Considerations

Thanks for telling me you would start at 7pm EST and the day of it becomes clear that means an hour of pre-show commentary then actually starting at 8pm EST. I had hoped I'd see most of the card before I had to head in to my other job but such was not the case.
My primary beef resides with competitors on the card rather than any of the production woes that have plagued the Metamoris in the past.
Gary Tonon asked for Kron. Cyborg has since through facebook and instagram said he wants a shot at Barnett.
Jeff Glover was less high than usual which was welcome.
Ralek was less overbearing and Rorion was nowhere to be seen which was also a huge plus. You could tell they were dumbing down some of the commentary for semi-casual grappling fans (they exist?) but it's fine. We all have a white belt or two in the family or as a roommate as the case may be.
Gary Tonon vs Kit Dale
Other than that slick guillotine, Gary Tonon calling out Kron was bonkers.
Maybe Gary is the Kryptonite to Gary's Superman? They're ADCC match was bonkers, why not roll it back for a high profile match on PPV? I would absolutely watch. Kit Dale's reputation took a hit as he got completely hosed by Gary Tonon once Tonon went for the kill. Kit Dale is funny and his beard is cool or whatever, but you gotta back up some of that with performance in this sport.
Comprido vs Ribeiro
There's a reason why rules regarding gripping and defensive grips exist in Judo. Would have liked to see more of them on the mat, but it's not a perfect world, it's a 20 minute submission only match and with Saulo's background in Judo, of course he wanted to play on top of the larger man.
Saulo did show that he is a monster because when he was on top, he advanced position almost immediately.
Keenan vs Magalhaes
Magalhaes was clearly irritated and frustrated by Keenan's guard and Keenan slowly but surely took over with precision toward the end. Keenan really poured it on toward the end, putting Magalhaes in some legitimate trouble, and Vinny also had a very tight looking leg lock relatively early on in the match as well.
Yoshida vs Glover
Glover's antics irritated Yoshida at times, but I'll say this, Glover would get after it in a split second to set into a leg lock or whatever his flavor was in that moment. Entertaining to see Baret Yoshida out there as I remember watching highlights of him ages ago when I first got into grappling.

Lister vs Barnett
I cannot unsee Josh Barnett's wardrobe from this match.
That is all.
Well, that and he tapped Lister with a diaphragm crush, basically a fat man squeeze a smaller man choke. Impressive, tapping someone almost with position kinda.

Galvao vs Sonnen
Galvao with the submission from the back. Good to watch and see, fun for the whole family.
I'd say this card was the second best they've put on. I had a blast watching the last one, and this was a good card as well. Good times with training partners and good, competitive matches for the most part.

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