Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Morning Videodrome/Productivity Killer: UFC 178 Countdown, Dominick Cruz Comeback, et al

The brash self promotion-minded Irishman in the vein of Ali takes on his first real stern test to move toward a title shot. Poirier as missed a few steps along the way but is the first (IMHO) real genuine danger to McGregor's hype train.

Alvarez wastes no time in taking a fight that could put him up for a title shot. Cerrone...well, Cerrone tends to lose these kinds of fights. He beats Alvarez, no one cares because they'll say Alvarez was fighting in the minors. He loses, it's a big "W" for Alvarez and a reminder that Cerrone misses the mark in making his way to fighting for the title every time. Either way, it will be a fun stand and bang affair to be sure.


The least heralded of the UFC's title holders, Johnson faces another challenger in the dwindling supply of the pipeline of guys worth him facing in his division. Other than a rematch with McCall who recently had his hand operated on, I don't honestly know who else there is for him to legitimately fight. But, that being said, it will be a fun fight to watch as long as it lasts. I see Johnson catching Cariaso in maybe the 1st or 2nd round.

Near and dear to my heart, I remember watching Cruz in the WEC and thinking, "that guy will have the UFC strap one day". An ACL tear or two later, followed by a groin tear, and he's largely been forgotten despite never having actually lost the belt.
Having gone through ACL surgery, I can't imagine the heartbreak of a second tear right as he was about to return from the first one.


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