Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Success Leave Clues: Conor McGregor Documentary "Notorious"

The documentary follows Conor McGregor before he was talking his way into facing Jose Aldo after this past weekend's drubbing of Dustin Poirier.

In Steve Job's Stanford commencement speech, he says that you can't connect the dots looking forward. You can only see the matrix, the system, the connections after the fact, in retrospect.

I remember seeing some early highlights of Conor McGregor fighting for Cage Warriors, I think it was.
I remember thinking he'd be like most of UK and European imports that would lack wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu or would be relatively one-dimensional and might win a few fights at their home country UFC event but eventually would wash out of the UFC.

And yet, here we are.
What makes an outlier?
What makes a meteoric rise?
What separates the potential versus the performance?
Irrational self-confidence? Perhaps. In fact, I'm sure that's a necessity.

A pessimistic realism will kill the ability to truly envision and expect world smashing success.

Those that are bound by what's "possible" can never do the impossible.
The 4 minute mile is a great example I've heard referenced.
Before it was done, everyone said it was impossible.
One guy does and within a year 20 people do it.
What changed?
The perception that it was possible.

Is it possible through God-given Talent? No, the research by Ericcson says no.
Training hard? Almost everyone at the highest levels trains hard.

It must then be the software.
It has to be the mindset.
It's not the body alone.
It's not the training itself.
It must then be the awareness?
The hope?
The delusional faith in your ability to supercede what everyone else believes is possible for themselves?

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