Friday, September 26, 2014

Predict the Hangover: UFC 178 Picks & Prognostications

Tonight I'll be working until 2am at my other job but will hopefully have line of sight to a nearby craft beer spot that has TV's and I'll be able to see Bellator. After about 6 hours of sleep, bright and early tomorrow morning, I'll referee and compete in the advanced NoGi and purple belt featherweight at the US Grappling Pendergrass Classic.

Saturday night I'll have a rare opportunity to take the night off from my 2nd job and watch UFC 178.

In case you need some more fuel to your Conor McGregor hype train fire, here he is on embedded:

I saw this UFC card and knew I had to miss work. This is easily IMHO the most stacked UFC PPV in ages. It's not a UFC Fight Night or a card with a main event you sort of care about followed by a main card that is basically a years past UFC prelim card. No sir. This is the real deal.
We've got a belt on the line. A potential contender for the LW belt fight on the line. A logjam clearing fight for the 185 weight class. The return of the bantamweight champion who never lost the belt but surrendered it due to injury. The hype train of Conor McGregor is preparing to really kick into overdrive depending how it plays out. I plan on jumping to my feet at least 6-7 times during this card. Mark my words.

Demetrious Johnson, the UFC'es busiest champ defends his strap against pretty much the last guy who might be worth him facing. Demetrious by 2nd round stoppage. Johnson's latest stoppages have really shown marked improvement in his accuracy in striking. Benavidez got the lights out switch with completely trounced his previous close performance against Mighty Mouse.

Alvarez makes his long awaited UFC debut against Donald Cerrone in what will undoubtedly be Fight of the Night in a brain damaging stand n' bang scramble affair. I think Cerrone will lose this one because this is exactly the kind of fight he loses, ala the Nate Diaz fight.

Conor McGregor will win by hype train in a 2nd round stoppage.

I love Tim Kennedy, but Yoel Romero is a frighteningly huge specimen at this weight class and his wrestling will be too much for Kennedy. Romero also has insane power as evidenced by the big right hands he put on Brad Tavares, Derek Brunson, and Ronny Markes. Credit to Kennedy for taking this fight but Yoel is a guy I think virtually no one else in the division wants to fight.

I don't typically watch women fights so I don't know how that one will go.
Dominick Cruz will pick apart the plodding, flat-footed Mizugaki who will stalk and grow increasing frustrated over the 3 round affair.

Masvidal because I've always liked watching "Gamebred" fight.

Cote will fight Thompson and the question is whether Cote's experience will balance his ring rust. My suspicion is that his time has passed and Thompson will barely eke out a split decision.

"Demetrious Johnson vs. Chris Cariaso
for flyweight title
preliminary CARD
UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET
Manny Gamburyan vs. Cody Gibson " 

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