Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Eddie Cummings Blowing Your Mind

Watch the full interview :

Cummings discusses: 
Didn't know this but he went from
Blue to Black belt in 5 years. Wow. 
The Desire to beat the 1%; that is to beat the best of the best, the world class.
He discusses his shift from 
Hobbyist to professional in the sense that training twice a day doesn't make you a professional. 
Competing as a fan vs as a competitor against guys you looked up to from early in your career. 
W"hy didn't I express my physical knowledge?" - the psychology of performance, comparing ability versus performance, knowledge
Vs execution.

I paraphrase but he says "In competion there is only room in your mind for strategic thinking or empty mind - no in between."
He discusses a very  Danaher-esque approach/commitment to learning over the long haul vs commitment to just training consistently or training to get good quickly.

And some additional food for thought -

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