Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Weight Class/EA Games/Wheaties Box Curse(s)

I predicted a year or so ago McGregor would trump Aldo. Call it luck. Call it whatever, but Conor has done what he said he would do to every UFC fighter he's faced (save Max Holloway against whom he tore his ACL mid-fight and still put the punishment to him).

At any rate, I finally am concerned about McGregor as rumor has it he'll face Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos is a terminator. Not so much because he beat Cerrone via body kick (call me "that guy" but I have to point out Cerrone has lost that way before). I'm concerned because not since BJ Penn's RNC on a surprised Matt Hughes has anyone done it.

I've seen it time and again: guys start talking dual weight class or moving up and the fall is precipitous. I remember Urijah Faber talking about it pre-UFC debut. I remember Benson Henderson talking about it. I remember Jon Jones talking about it. Anderson Silva spoke of it at LHW et cetera.

I don't believe in curses but what it shows me is looking too far ahead
The double edged sword of hubris is just that. The pathological level of belief that comes with residing at the top often as is its preference...pulls an Icarus and oversteps its bounds.

I don't think Conor is ducking Frankie Edgar to what? Go fight a bigger, harder hitting, better wrestler in Dos Anjos? Please, spare me. Dos Anjos is one of those guys I never thought much of, but he rounded a corner and has looked like a fighting Terminator sent from the future to brutally dispatch his challengers for a time. The beating he put on Pettis was tough to watch and unrelenting in its pace. The combination of punches he put on Cerrone following that body kick was punishment incarnate.

Assuming the curse is true, as McGregor AND Rousey adorn the box...well, the curse will prove true once again. McGregor faces two curses in he's now adorning the UFC video game cover AND he's talking about moving up a weight class.
Brock Lesnar felt the curse after his video game box cover debut.
Gustaffson hasn't looked the same since his shot at the title against Jon Jones (who ironically he splits a video game box cover with as well.

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