Thursday, January 28, 2016

UFC 196 Musical Chairs & Other MMA Quick News Bits

After the musical chairs of Cain unsurprisingly pulling out with an injury for the 3rd time against Cain, then Werdum opting out of facing Miocic, we were left with Hendricks vs Thompson....and a PPV that might have set a new low record for dismal sales. 
Dariush and Chiesa are set for a fight in April, where I think Dariush is a more dangerous version of Chiesa from a better camp. 

Ken Shamrock fights Royce Gracie in less than a month. No comment. Dan Severn says he wants the winner. No comment. 
The Bellator "card" of the same night also features Kimbo Slice and Melvin Guillard in other bouts. Speaking of Kimbo Slice, in order to fall asleep, I watched 5-10 minutes of "Dawg Fight" the "documentary" feat. DaDa 5000: mentor? Coach? Acquaintance? Bodyguard? Whatever to Kimbo Slice's early Internet fame. I spent 10 minutes of my life so you didn't have to. But I will tell you, he has 3 fights "so destructive" that "they" won't release the footage. Who "they" exactly are is unclear. Kimbo really is the Kim Kardashian of MMA/fighting. His bare knuckle visceral boxing matches segued him (ingeniously) into a semi-legitimate career and more money and notoriety than most of us put together will ever achieve. 
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, kids. Trump is running for office in a GOP pool somehow worse than the previous. The DEA worked with the Sinaloa cartel for like ten years. There are no limitations.  

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