Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UFC 196 Extended Preview - Werdum vs Velasquez 2, Hendricks vs Thompson

I won $60 betting against the oddsmakers on Dominic Cruz. Their rationale that the ring rust would be a factor I felt was negated by how sharp he looked in that Mizugaki fight and simply his career of always showing up in shape. In watching Dillashaw's previous wins I also felt he only looked good bc the guys he fought were foils for his high volume style: they had plodding, march  into the barrage flat-footed styles (Soto and Barao) that made Dillashaw look better than he was. His face compared to Cruz's at the post-fight spoke volumes, Cruz made him miss time after time despite a few errant good shots and Cruz  mixed in some early round takedowns along with crisper combinations landing at times to take the decision. 
As for the Fabricio/Cain rematch, I will post my picks soon. I made a good bit of loot betting on Fabricio last time bc historically Cain falters after long layoffs, and once I saw he showed up just a couple weeks to Mexico City I was tripping over myself to get my bet placed. This time, however, history resides ok Cain's side as he's never lost a rematch. Like I said, I'll post my picks soon. 


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