Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Le Sigh - *Updated UFC 196 Card

Hendricks fights Wonderboy. I've got money on Wonderboy to do what he did to Ellenberger. I've thought for a long time Hendricks' time has definitely passed. He doesn't seem willing to shoot but rather press guys against the cage and hope they fall down. 

With the main event that was Fabricio vs Cain now gone, this card is now exceedingly tough to sell as a PPV. An ex-champ in Hendricks promising for the however many times he's serious about getting belt back, an ex-title challenger in Benavidez fighting, Roy Nelson collecting another paycheck toward retirement...I mean, Burkman vs Noons and Mike Pyle fighting for free prelims is okay, but this main card is simply hard to justify. 

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