Monday, March 21, 2016

Podcast Episode 8 Preview: Overtraining the Plateau

Podcast for this week forthcoming. As promised I will delve into scholarly research on overtraining and underperformance. The JiuJitsu bug hits a lot of us, then the dark side of the obsessive grind looms down the road behind a bush while we jog toward the goal of improving our JiuJitsu. 

I'll touch on the expected Frank Mir retirement talk,
Mark Hunt losing 5 straight fights and the UFC trying to buy out his contract when they folded Pride. 
The million dollar question of when/what/how much is too much training actually detrimental and what is not enough continues to be difficult to discern. 

That being said, despite what archaic training methodology you may persist in ascribing to, the actual research into the field shows there emphatically exists a point of diminishing returns whereby long term you are negatively impacting your progress and performance by persisting in training beyond capacity.

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