Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Waited to see if I'd be up to working til 4am last night and tonight then making the 4.5 hour up to do the Copa Nova but managed to miss the pre-registration deadline and won't make weigh-ins due to my work schedule.
Cue the part where I ask other people to fund my jiujitsu pursuits...."I kid,
I kid."
Been feeling run down last week and this since the Extreme Submissiom Challenge match I won. Felt flat at the Submission Only put on by U.S. Grappling and haven't taken more than a day off since then. 
I find it hard know when to taper off my training versus just keep going. I haven't yet accepted I'm 33 years old or what if anything that means. I've been diligent about doing my Olympic lifts and two sprint workouts per week and perhaps this is an adjustment period. I've also been diligently drilling my kneebar and a couple set-ups for maintaining the position as well as variations to the finish. 
I'm at work til 4am, but the wrestling championships are on, so I can't complain. It's good to see grappling sports on a big stage as far as publicity goes. Gi JiuJitsu, with the way black belts matches go these days, I doubt will ever be very appealing to anything other than grapplers currently enmeshed in the sport, but we shall see. 
Been teaching a grip fighting and takedowns class on Fridays. We're focusing on the rule set for JiuJitsu and responses to bent over posture, defensive gripping and stiff arms among other common reactions by inexperienced competitors.

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