Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Morning Blow Your Mind Time: 30+ Mins of Mendes Bros Rolling

In case you needed your mind blown first thing, here's 30+ minutes of sparring/rolling/randori/whatever/amazing-ness at the Mendes Bros. Art of Jiu-Jitsu Academy.
Other than the random Bull Terrier event, Rickson Cup or the Worlds, we've only seen two of our sport's best competitors a handful of times this year.

It's tough when you spend much of the year just waiting to see your favorite guys have maybe, what? 15 matches a year? If that. 3 matches at this event, 4 matches maybe at the 365 calendar days a year. I like that the IBJJF will force black belts to qualify but former world champs I take it won't have to qualify. For example, I think this year I'll only get to see Lucas Lepri at the Worlds. One of my favorite competitors I won't see compete for nearly a year.

I have digressed: watching the Mendes Brothers is kind of like watching Moebius working on his craft, or say, a master violin maker: you know that you don't appreciate the vast majority of the finer artistry of what they're doing but even a layman can see that they are light years ahead of many of their peers in terms of application and precision. 

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