Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap: Fight Lab in Charlotte, UFC 186 et al

Headed out to Charlotte to do a superfight for Fight Lab. Video coming soon. The rules were 3 minute rounds with 3 judges scoring each round and a clear cut emphasis on aggressiveness. If I heard correctly, my opponent showed up weighing 168. I knew 3 minutes wasn't a lot of time to get to the mat and break down someone with about 20 lb's on me.
I lost a split decision. I honestly felt I won and feel I would have won a 7 minute match under normal rules but that wasn't what I found out we were doing the week of the match.
At any rate, I did some learning, saw my buddy I started BJJ with, and got to compete on top of the rooftop Epicenter in Charlotte.
Can't complain all around.

I headed back to town and caught the UFC on PPV due to a rare Saturday night off.
I went 4-2 with my picks on the admittedly lackluster card.
Almeida got an early stoppage of Jabouin who wasn't really out but didn't really protest the stoppage to hard either. Cote looked stronger throughout against Riggs who didn't keep the dominant positions he got by taking the back et cetera. Cote looked absolutely flat in his previous outing but didn't look so shopworn this time around. Johnson did what he did and looked impressive doing it. He got another stoppage win which is more than a some of the other champs in various divisions can say.
Even my boy Dominic Cruz (of whom I am a HUGE fan) didn't have any stoppage wins while champion in the UFC (Yes, I'm looking at you Jose Aldo). I actually left during the Rampage/Maldonado fight because 1) it was boring and 2) I had been sitting down since the prelims. I underestimated Almeida which won't happen again. He looked good, very good in fact, and I see bright things for him. I haven't seen enough of the other parts of his game to say whether or not I think he'll be champ, but he definitely has the killer instinct and edge of youth on his side.

Anyhow, I hit up open mat Sunday afternoon, worked until early this morning at my downtown job, I'm going to rest today, and start back training tomorrow after I work all night again tonight. My superfight at the 2nd installment of the Toro Cup is May 16th. It's 15 minutes submission only, then if necessary a 5 minute round that is points or submission, and if still deadlocked, we go to sudden death overtime where the first points scored win.
It's a cool format and one that produces some serious excitement. I know a ton of the guys on this 2nd card, and I'm excited about virtually all of the matches. 
My opponent, Josh Murdock is a guy for whom I have a lot of respect for him and his game. It's going to be a tough match.

I'm going to head down to Charlotte and train either this week or next to get some different looks and have some guys come after me as the visiting purple belt featherweight in the room.


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