Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Abu Dhabi Pro 2015 Results

From over at BJJ Heroes:

It was tight as always but some good upsets in there. The different time limit and refs who will do things like disqualify both competitors (ask Keenan about that one) leads to some matches ending differently than they might at a longer 10 minute grind 'em out session like in the IBJJF. It also means more action than ADCC matches where counter-wrestling and patience often seem to win the day.

Among the "upsets" Victor Estima beating Keenan, a virtual unknown from Brazil beating one of the Miyaos, and Keenan not performing as expected all surprised me. . Leandro seemed to be much more in control against Keenan this time around with his bottom game, achieving 2 sweeps to Keenan's one (if I recall correctly).

Lucas Lepri was in top form as well, and put another win on the resume against the tough Satoshi (who has won the Abu Dhabi Pro before).  In the final, Lucas employed his usual top pressure passing game against a very game Gabriel Rollo who actually have Lucas a good run with his open guard and defending the pass. I couldn't tell on the video available of Lepri vs Satoshi what the takedown scored was, because it looked like Satoshi went to pull guard as Lucas did something and the ref awarded Lepri 2 points. At any rate. Lepri had earlier used his usual pressure passing to pressure with a stack pass kind of position Satoshi into turtling, but Satoshi wisely got to a one legged, ready to give up the single leg type of half -position rather than conceding turtle for too long and Lucas spinning to the back the way he would later do in the final against Gabriel Rollo.

In other news, the indomitable Buchecha submitted everyone until the final and put on the pressure to control and crush Trans' game from top position after a takedown. 

Final: Marcus Almeida (2) x Alexander Trans (0)
Champion’s run:
  • Semi Final: Ricardo Evangelista (won by Guillotine)
  • ¼ Final: Rodrigo Pereira (won by choke from the back)
BLACK BELT ADULT: Under 95KG, male
Final: Felipe Pena (8) x Jackson Sousa (2)
Champion’s run:
BLACK BELT ADULT: Under 85KG, male
Final: Leandro Lo (0 pts, 2 advantages) x Victor Estima (0 pts, 0 advantages)
Champion’s run:
  • Semi Final: AJ Sousa (by points)
  • ¼ Final: Felipe “Sagat” (Toe Hold)
  • ⅛ Final: Igor Basílio (Cross Choke)
  • Round 1: Max Carvalho (6×0)
BLACK BELT ADULT: Under 75KG, male
Final: Lucas Lepri (Choke from the back) x Gabriel Rollo
Champion’s run:
BLACK BELT ADULT: Under 65KG, male
Final: Gianni Grippo (1 advantage) x Isaque Paiva"

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