Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2 superfights & 2 Tournaments in the next month: US Grappling Raleigh, Fight Lab 46, Copa America, Toro Cup 2

April 18th: This weekend I'm reffing for the US Grappling organization and competing in the purple belt featherweight and purple belt absolute. It's a well-run, well-organized tournament and one of the best I've done since I began competing in Jiu-Jitsu. If you're in the area/the state, come through. I'll wake up early, referee, compete, then head to my weekend job downtown and hopefully be able to see the UFC on FOX with Machida vs Rockhold where I work. 

April 24th: Next Friday, in Charlotte I'm part of the Combat Sports Expo put on by the MMA promotion, Fight Lab. I have a superfight (still hate that term) with John Schell of Schell Shock BJJ. 

April 25th: The day/morning after, I'll be competing at the Copa America in in Charlotte. 
I haven't done one of their tournaments before and I'm not reffing so it'll be fun to just show up compete, have my matches, feel like a competitor and leave town. I like hitting tournaments I  haven't done in other parts of the state in the hopes of seeing some new faces in my bracket(s).

May 16th: One last big announcement, despite my poor showing at the first Toro Cup, I've been given a second chance at the Toro Cup 2 invitational grappling event. I'll be facing a guy for whom I have a lot of respect, Josh Murdock. Josh and I have trained together before and we both refereee and compete at the US Grappling Tournaments. It will be a highly entertaining match as we both like to mix it up and play a loose, active, versatile game.

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