Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 IFJ Paris: Stall Your Way to Victory Edition!

That was close...they almost realized I had no intention of doing anything other than STALLING.
Note: the above is(are) not the alleged suspect(s).

It was a busy weekend with the UFC and the Super Bowl and my starting training for the Pan Ams in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I had a week out of training due to sickness, so I spent a week getting back to rolling, getting my lungs back, and the like.

I hadn't had a chance until earlier to watch any of the Tournoi De Paris 2012 Grand Slam.
I should've just not tuned in.

The first two matches I watched from the 66kg with David Larose of France were atrocious.
See here and see here.

I warn you, if you like legitimate attacking, aggressive Judo, this is not for you.
All parties are to blame initially in the matches, but once Larose is up on points, he clearly, deliberately, and effectively does only exactly enough to avoid passivity penalties.
He gets a referee's decision against the Korean player b/c the Korean is so frustrated with Larose's stalling he finally gets sloppy and gets countered.
The match against Sergey Lim has some of the most clear and blatant stalling/grip fighting to avoid engaging I've seen at this level in a long time.

It's boring. It's fake. It's stalling and deliberate optical illusion-ery pretending to attack at it's shallow, dark, empty, heart.

Between this and the last world championships....I honestly am highly disappointed.

I have serious concerns about the upcoming Summer Olympics if this is what the high level players are competing like in the 6 months before the summer Olympics start. These last big tournaments are supposedly the events to fine tune the game plans for various styles and players.

The matches I've seen thus far were about as lackluster and anti-climactic as the Nick Diaz vs Carlos "The Natural Born Runner" Condit non-fight that took place Saturday night.

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