Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Training for the PanAms and some other Odds & Ends

Been training hard for the Pan-Ams. I got super sick with the flu about a month ago and lost 12 pounds in 5-6 days of being as sick as I've ever been in my life. It was a healthy reminder how much we take our good health for granted. Being able to eat, sleep, and go about my day normally was something I missed incredibly after a couple days of being sick.
Not being able to train for nearly a week straight was unbearable. Those who train hard are constantly struggling to find the balance between hard, dedicated, consistent training and pushing the envelope to the point of injury, exhaustion, and true over-training.

But, post sickness, I've managed to train 6 days a week the past 3 weeks straight, with only Sundays off to rest.
I finally hit the wall Monday night when I had to acknowledge that another 6 days in a row was not advisable nor intelligent. I had hit the point of physical overwork and mental overload.
Nothing was clicking: I struggled to do the things I normally do without thinking like break grips, establish my grips, my head was down and my spine wasn't aligned when I hit my takedowns....I didn't hip out, make angles, inactive cetera. Or, that last little bit of energy to finish taking the back from the bottom, or getting to top position in a scramble rather than just fall back and look to sweep I took a night off from training.

Monday - I do a quick 5 round workout consisting of a circuit of bench press, rows, then 400m sprints.
Then I'm in the Gi from 730-930pm. Roughly 15-20 min's with positional rolling like mount escapes, guard passing, sidemount escapes etc. Then another 15-30 min's of free rolling with my training partners.
Tuesday -  I go to Judo and do some quick rounds of 2-3 min rounds of matwork, then about 10-20 min's of takedowns or exchanging throws.
Wednesday - Again in the Gi from 7-830pm, usually about 20-30 min's of free rolling
Thursday - another 5 round circuit workout of 3-4 exercises like overhead press, curls, squats, or good mornings/russian twists. Then I'm back in the Gi for a repeat of Monday's drilling positions/rolling, then 15-30 min's of free rolling.
Friday - free rolling in the Gi for 30-40 min's
Saturday - free rolling in the Gi for 30 min's.
Sunday - REST
At any rate, this is my training preparation during an average week.
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