Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Next Level (?) & IBJJF TV - Episode 1: The Houston Open

Watch Gui Mendes dominate and finish another world champion.
One of the staggering things to my brain is the difference in skill and application even between 2 elite level black belts with elite level competition experience. On paper, they are roughly equals despite some difference in weight and/or height. Yet, the outcome is undeniable. You often hear DJ's on the radio, or advertising for weight gain at GNC say things like "to the next level!" or "take your game to the next level" and I always ask myself "what the f***" does that even mean? Well, Gui Mendes is that next level. It's incredible.
While I'm patting myself on the back for hitting a calf roll sweep on another blue belt (much bigger than myself), this guy is crushing another World Champion and making it look relatively ABC, 123.


IBJJF TV's First Episode, with interviews & such from the 2012 Houston Open

And some links to what I've been watching lately: wrist locks and Fredson Paixao:
- Fredson competing in Japan.
- A piece from over at the Jiu-Jitsu Laboratory about wrist locks.
- And a clip of Fredson showing a wrist lock.

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