Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going to the Motherland & some Interviews

An interesting article about living/working(illegally) in Rio from over at On The Mat.com. Click Here.

Without a work visa (notoriously hard to obtain) or a degree in English, few jobs on the up and up (legal) are available to visitors. If you're on a tourist visa you are specifically barred from working while you are there to train/visit. Like with all things, that doesn't mean it's un-possible, but it will take some enterprising and entrepreneurial skills to make it happen.

Import/export, managing a house, finding varying ways to pay for room/board/training are all necessary if you want to scrape by and maximize your training time.

Some interviews for your Tuesday Afternoon:
Wagney Fabiano. Click Here

Relson Gracie. Click Here

Rising super young competitor Edwin Najmi

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