Monday, February 27, 2012

Helio Gracie Documentary & UFC 144 Ballin' or Busted

Take some time and watch a great documentary on the one and only Helio Gracie.
Jiu-Jitsu has made me a better person, a more caring and humble person, and calmed my more self-destructive side. It has protected me in my MMA fights, given me something of value to seek and strive and pursue, and has literally changed my life. Take some time, watch, learn, and give thanks.

on UFC 144:

I picked 4 fights correctly. Guys like Boetsch, Imura, Lee, and Hunt all played live underdog roles to a "T".
Talk about stingrays/live underdogs on one card. The Okami, Kongo, Yamamoto losses were all what I thought they could be: upsets by a mistake/getting caught.
That's why they call it a fight, right?
And that's why I don't bet real money on MMA anymore, unless the line is just too good to ignore (when Dominic Cruz fought for the belt the first time, or when Mike Brown fought Urijah etc).

Happy Trainingz!

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