Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Video Mailbag

If you're like me, you dread checking your work email on Monday morning. Typically, I go several days without checking my email. This means that Thursday morning may or may  not have been the last time I checked it. What this causes is a deluge of things that should have been done days and days ago.....on Monday morning.

Add that to the fact that I worked about 2 days last week and you get the picture. I have, selflessly, compiled some video links from across the internetz for your viewing pleasure. Watch. Learn. Reflect!

Ary Farias on his BJJ lifestyle, Atos, and 2 slick chokes using your own lapel
   - more on Ary Faria from BJJ Heroes

Highlight of World Pro Trials with Irmaos Miyao
   - the Miyao Bros. facebook page :)
   - Miyao Bros. Berimbolo Insanity Doomsday Armageddon!

Roger Gracie on learning BJJ via youtube/Berhimbolo et al.

Draculino says "Gracie Barra is the best"
    - for those needing some background on this prolific figure in BJJ

Tips on competition for white & blue belts from Queens MMA

And a video from the Euro 2012 of the guy I'm watching a lot lately, Roberto Saitoshi De Souza

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