Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's MMA Mailbag

Love the troll or hate the Spider or um....well, less than 3 weeks til one of the biggest rematches in recent MMA history.

Sonnen's near win over Anderson will always remain tainted by his TRT suspension, but the first fight wasn't close minus a late triangle by Silva. The big question is, was Chael that good that night? Was Anderson that off that night? Was Anderson injured like he said he was? Now that Anderson has seen how Chael dominated him, will the Spider be more elusive and avoid the takedown?

I was initially going to actually bet against Chael until I heard that he was given a TRT exemption for this fight. Chael has won since the Anderson fight, but looked flat, particularly against Brian Stann (a fight for which he did not have a TRT exemption).

That being said, Chael is back on the TRT, and I think this is his fight to lose.
The real question tho', is does Anderson pick Chael apart unlike their first fight when Chael walked Anderson down and put him on his back for 4 1/2 rounds?

That really is the big money question.

Miltion Vieira (tapped by some as the inventor of the D'Arce choke) is making his relatively unheralded UFC debut this weekend on the facebook prelims of UFC for Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva.
Click HERE for a bit about him and his debut from over at Sherdog
Click HERE for 8 Questions with Miltinho also from over at Sherdog

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