Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keenan Cornelius: A Year & a Belt in Review

Say what you will about Lloyd Irvin, but his results sure do speak for themselves.

Well. I've posted about him HERE, HERE, and HERE.
I saw him as the next big thing from Team Lloyd Irvin annnnnnnd, drum roll.......he has had quite the year.

And the short of it at this point is, the man, Keenan Cornelius, has won the weight and absolute categories at purple belt at the Euros, the Brasileiros/Brazilian Nationals, The Pan Ams, and the Mundials at weight and absolute.
Not to mention he wont the purple belt at weight at the World Pro.

Amazing. Incredible.
It is simply what it is.
I bet some brown belts have some deep, dark, shameful thoughts right now about the upcoming year of competition.

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