Friday, June 8, 2012

Graciemag Gives Keenan Cornelius His Due

I've blogged about him HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE....and.....finally, it has happened.
Graciemag has an article articulating just how much Keenan Cornelius accomplished as a purple belt this year.

"Having overcome Paulo Miyao of CĂ­cero Costha team by a narrow margin, Keenan is now the simultaneous holder of the following gold medals:
Europeans 2012 – weight and absolute
Pan 2012 – weight and absolute
Brazilian Nationals 2012 – weight and absolute
Worlds 2012 – weight and absolute
An unprecedented achievement. May your brown belt be nigh, KC!"

As it is, I'm competing tomorrow, my last competition before knee surgery.
Wish me luck.

- Happy Trainingz!

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