Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Thin Line: Why MMA Shirts Fail

Want to win this shirt? Seriously? You could win this awesome shirt. 
In completely off topic news, Masakazu Imanari thinks Ronda Rousey is cuter than Megumi Fuji.

I was perusing a fan contest for designing some t-shirts for Blackhouse MMA over at Cagepotato (one of my favorite MMA news websites).Predictably, the submitted designs were awesome playing on things like Jimi Hendrix, comic book/graphic art, Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee et cetera.

Then you look at the t-shirts you win by designing the best shirt...and it looks like the head designer for Blackhouse MMA owns a laptop, had 5 minutes to kill between watching fetish porn and surfing the MMA news, and only knows how to use Microsoft Paint. The awesome fan-submitted designs are below: 

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