Friday, June 22, 2012

My Picks for UFC on FX Tonight and UFC 147 Tomorrow

Guida will try to bounce around with his energizer bunny impression. Maynard (of whom I am by no means a fan) will look to work his boxing that hasn't really finished any more fighters than his previously boring wrestling-stifling-wet blanket style.
I think Maynard's hopefully ever improving footwork and tough chin will get him through what are Guida's two strong suits: his takedowns and active, pawing punches and relatively ineffective leg kicks.
Overall, I just think Guida is not gonna take Maynard down and Guida's not going to hug Maynard against he fence like Guida has against Nate Diaz or Florian et al.
Maynard by late TKO as we see Guida gas for the first time.

Dan Miller is going to tap out Ricard Funch. Period.

Ebersole is going to continue his slow ascent up the weight class by finishing or winning a UD over Waldburger. Ebersole's weird style and toughness will cause Waldburger to wilt as the fight goes on.

Ramsey Nijem will win despite how little I think of his personality based on his actions on TUF.

Ross Pearson will win a UD or Stoppage win over Cub Swanson who is the unluckiest guy in MMA.

Sam Stout's head movement and footwork will lead him to a split decision or perhaps even a rare TKO over Spencer Fisher.

Matt Brown is going to finish some guy I've never heard of.

Rick Story with his head/face first style is going to wear down and TKO/Submit some guy you've never heard of.

Rony Jason will beat Pepe.

AND Moraes will beat Mutante by submission, late in the 2nd round.

My heart has me going with Wand over Franklin by late TKO in the 4th round.
Franklin comes in great shape and rarely truly gasses (unless getting knee'd to the face by Anderson Silva).

Don't believe the bogus hype that Russow is anything other than a guy who catches guys when they slip.
His big claim to fame is knocking out Todd Duffee a guy no longer in the UFC. Fabricio, unless he does what he did with Cigano and takes him lightly, will eat Russow alive either like he did on the feet when he battered Roy Nelson, or by breaking his arm off on the mat like he did when he caught the Last Emperor.
Fabricio by 3 rd UD or 2nd rd Submission.

Miltinho Vieira will tap out whatever guy I've never heard of in the 1st or 2nd round.

Matt Brown is going to TKO or submit some guy I've never heard of.

Hioki is going to continue his slow ascent to the top by beating Lamas (who I think is a solid fighter).

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