Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tournament Proof Tuesday: Cross Grip Seionage

I've had a number of friends and specifically BJJ competitors ask me about the variation of seionage where you grip with both hands on the same side of your opponent's body. I don't typically use this in Judo competition, but it is more effective and safer for BJJ competition in my experience. I started hearing more questions once it was utilized by Rodolfo and Galvao among others.
I consistently hear claims about having your back taken by doing this throw. I haven't had that experience, provided you foot sweep to set up the shoulder throw, and the throw is done with movement. As BJJ players are typically more flat-footed and the movement  is slower on the feet, you'll find guys like Rodolfo and Galvao compensating by taking a stronger grip with the cross grip/both hands on one side of the opponent's body. This grip which is penalized in Judo as defensive if not used within 3-5 seconds. The defensive potential for the grip combined with the lack of gripping rules in BJJ (which will be coming soon as takedown points become more important and players seek an edge in competition) make the cross grip seionage the best variation for BJJ competition.

I'll be posting a video with some of my thoughts and finer points here shortly once I get my hands on a camcorder.

Cross Grip Seionage: when you enter into the shoulder throw, you are gripping with both of your hands on the same side of your opponent's body. Example: my left hand grips the opponent's right sleeve, and my right hand grips his right lapel.

Rodolfo hitting it at 2:10 (Takedown points become more important in the shorter 6 minute rounds of the World Pro). Galvao himself hits this throw pretty consistently himself.

And for my Judo-centric fans - most of the Seionage variations I've seen/been taught over the years:

As always, here's a short clip focusing on the straight spine, good posture, entry for Seionage which is fundamentally important:

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