Saturday, September 22, 2012

IBJJF Pro League Free Braodcast & Current Rankings

December 8th, it'll be broadcast for free.

The recent focus on the Metamorsis Pro with its Roger vs Buchecha, Kron vs Otavio, and Ryron vs Galvao is currently the big Professional event on everyone's mind.
It is good to see that in the wake of Rodolfo doing the World Pro rather than the Pans and the like, the IBJJF has woken up to smell the reality of professional events for Pro BJJ athletes/grapplers.

Besides, "Free" is always a good price to get us hooked on the event. Besides, the massive viewership will mean the sponsorship money from Koral, and Zebra mats or whoever else ponies up, will offset some, if not most, of that production cost.

The Rankings are comprised by the following points system:

The rankings as of now are as follows:

"Under 64 kg (141lb)
1 – Bruno Mafacine
2 – Caio Terra
3 – Guilherme Mendes
4 – Ary Farias
5 – Laércio Fernandes"

See the rest of the weight classes after the Jump, and some of the rankings may surprise you:

"Under 76 kg (167.5lb)
1 – Rafael Mendes
2 – Leandro Pereira do Nascimento
3 – Michael Langhi
4 – Bruno Frazatto
5 – Samir Chantre"

"Under 88.3kg (194.6lb)
1 – Otávio Sousa
2 – Rômulo Barral
3 – Claudio Calasans
4 – Sergio Moraes
5 – Rafael Barbosa"

"Over 88.3 kg (over 194.6lb)
1 – Rodolfo Vieira
2 – Bernardo Faria
3 – Marcus Almeida
4 – Leonardo Nogueira
5 – Nivaldo Oliveira"


  1. They updated the IBJJF Rankings yet again and included all weight clases.

  2. BJJ Grappling - Good looking out. thanks a ton. i missed this.