Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interview Thursday: The One, the Only, Marcelo Garcia

The biggest single thing I've tried to take away from studying Marcelo Garcia is "joy".
Yes, "joy". That happy, fruity, high in the clouds, super smiley feeling.
B/c from the moment he begins speaking about Jiu-Jitsu/grappling/competing, the guy is smiling.
This is probably one of my favorite interviews of his as it touches on some of the ways in which he views training, competing, et cetera.

He absolutely loves what he does.
And that, in a completely cool, macho, manly way, is awesome even if we as grapplers, fighters, competitors, sometimes forget that taking Joy in Jiu-Jitsu is the single most important quality to retain.

If this video isn't enough to sate your visual appetite, head on over to as they have a plethora of high quality training, interviews, and short docu-pieces that are all kinds of awesome.

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