Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tournament Proof Tuesday: Cross Grip Seionage for BJJ

As promised, I've put together an introduction to a shoulder throw variation better suited for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition. You may or may not recognize a man from over at BJJRefspot as my uke/partner in the video as well.
If you google the shoulder throw from Judo and its application in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the inexperienced or misinformed forums are full of people claiming it leads to having your back taken or getting RNC'd. If your grip is good, the throw is not from a static position, and you get the guy moving, I've never had that happen personally. The key though is repetition and drilling, then drilling with movement. I'll be putting up some stepping drills and drills for practicing the throw while moving later this week as an add-on to this brief introduction. 

1) advantageous grip
2) throw with movement
3) make space for your entry

The cross grip affords quite a bit of control and pull with which to get your opponent moving. It also affords a fair amount of control as you transition to the mat. Controlling one whole part of his body never hurts in a transition to mat work. The beauty of dropping to one knee is that in the event that I miss, I can get back to my feet and enter into the throw again in rapid succession.

I posted about the use of this variation HERE by Rodolfo Vieira among others. If it works at the highest levels of Jiu-Jitsu competition there's no reason why it won't work at the lower belts other than lack of proper preparation, drilling, and training.

And to make this post a bit retro, go after the jump for video of my first 2 Judo matches, back when I was a lowly white belt.

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