Friday, September 7, 2012

Metamorsis Pro Video Countdown!, Daily News, & TMA Friday

My goal to do 20,000 uchikomis is underway. Yesterday morning was my first 6am workout since the last time I had training camp for an MMA fight. I always feel great after morning workouts...about as alert as I ever feel at any point during the day to be honest. The catch is getting through the mid-afternoon/early evening grind where your body demands coffee/soda/sugar/something to press forward.

1) Awesome video preview to Roger Gracie vs Buchecha (his nickname means "cheeks" in Portuguese) from Metamorsis Pro

I'm calling my winners as Roger (despite some early scares), Caio ( I think Glover's ego will be his downfall), Otavio (Kron will miss with a sub attempt, Otavio will turn the tide and get the sub), Lovato (more consistently competing and longer frame), Lister (he's nicknamed the Boogeyman for a reason), and Machado (b/c I've never heard of the other guy)

2) Copa Podio announces a new format pairing couples against one another

3) Rolling Stone names Rousey best female fighter ever (sorry to all the women in history in boxing that came before)

4) Aaaaaand....some Ninjas for your day b/c it's Friday and Fridays are better when filled with Ninjas!

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