Monday, November 4, 2013

Bellator (Non) PPV Results & Naga Charlotte 2013 Tournament Reflections from this weekend

In what is becoming a regular theme of my weekends, I competed at a grappling tournament out of town, worked at my other job, and missed a major MMA card.

I correctly called Emmanuel Newton to take it from King Mo (there's always TNA/impact/T&A?/whatever-wrestling I guess), and Alvarez showed his finer, sharper days are not in fact over by taking a decision over Chandler. Joe Riggs used his a million fight experience advantage to take another win over some guy in the finals of a show no one I personally know or know through facebook bothered to watch.

Results: 1st in the adult blue belt -149, 2nd in the 30+ blue belt -149 after not getting some sweep points in the closing seconds of the final for what reason I'm uncertain.

Despite having a black belt in Judo, I'm not one of those guys that goes to a Jiu-Jitsu tournament to prove I can take down some guy down. I also find the sweep into a pass transition often has more control than a big throw. Other times, rather than play take down battle, I'd rather just get to the Jiu-Jitsu. As it is, I go for my usual Kurt Osiander DLR sweep but he steps over, but in doing so, his knee is up so I enter into deep half. From there I Bernardo Faria sweep, to over under pass after he thwarts my windshield wiper/knee through transition. I've took mount out of instinct rather than game plan. From there I kicked off to side mount and went to a kimura transition I've just started drilling. As it is I missed it but got to the back/halfway there and worked my Ezekiel/single lapel choke from the back but with time running out and being up something like 16 points, I was a bit hasty to get the finish and he spun into my guard.  


In the match below: I pulled guard to sit-up guard, and he flattened me back as I spun for deep half. He felt pretty strong and SUPER tense, so I relaxed and fed my grips and relaxed. I could tell he was waiting to back step and hip down the moment I uncrossed my legs to come up into my Bernardo Faria sweep. It's a counter more athletic guys (often with Judo or wrestling experience) go to. So, I was patient, and adjusted and adjusted and adjusted until he hipped down with the free leg (a less common counter in my experience but one some guys will go to) and hit my sweep. I expected more resistance as I came up but he began the Judo player/white belt half guard deathlock leg squeeze of death, at several points both using the Lockdown on my leg, straightening it out and simultaneously overhooking my arm and grabbing my lapel. Granted it stopped my pass but it also locked him into position. I got impatient and went to a half guard pass I rarely use and he swept me. I was up on advantages (?) not sure, but with time running out and him still in full blow stress/flex n' bust out mode, I relaxed and rode out the points without exposing myself anymore after giving up the sweep due to hastiness. One thing I'll say for Naga, the short time definitely gets into your head a bit if you let it.


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