Friday, November 1, 2013

BJJ Eccentricities Volume 1: My Gi Hierarchy

It seems strange (and then again perhaps not) but I have my hierarchy of gi's in my closet.

If you're like me, you wash all your gi's on one day of the week (this almost never happens), but when you do, they all hang dry...and the week's training begins, and you already know which gi you can't wait to wear.

On that note, a good friend and guy that I respect is designing the next Toro BJJ Gi for CagesideMMA. Check it out.
I have two favorite Gi's and the rest, I use depending on a few factors.

For Judo, I always wear a Judo-style Gi.
This isn't snobbery, but rather, a light weave or single weave BJJ gi, I'm absolutely certain would simply not stand up to constant grip fighting and repeated throwing in class.
Also, they tend to rub against my face and neck and chest more consistently during Judo class and as such the one time I wore a BJJ gi top after forgetting my Judo gi top in Judo class, was the absolute last time.

White Mizuno Eurocomp - my oldest Gi. Bought this after someone picked up my Judo Gi top accidentally at a tournament. Has lasted for nearly 7 years with some refurbishing and stitching repairs but is on its last legs. Had to pull it from the regular rotation and save it for Judo tournaments b/c it meets the Gi inspection standards.
Blue Mizuno Eurocomp/hand me down - tailored Gi pants to match. I bought this from an old instructor. No telling the age, but the cotton is beaten in to the point that it's actually one of my softer Gi's and is by far my favorite to wear.

Blue Toraki Gi Top - a gift from a training partner who had outgrown it. Wears and has a feel very similar to the Mizuno Eurocomp which is why I like it so much. The Gi I currently wear the most as it's a balance between durability and preference of feel.

Vulkan Pro Light - gift from a friend, needed a Gi to wear during kids class b/c my Judo Gi's are too rough. Single weave. Preferred Gi for summer days in the gym.

Blue Mizuno Eurocomp - heavy b/c I do not wear it as often. Feels considerably heavier when I wear it at the end of the week. I wear it before tournaments in training b/c it is cumbersome and somehow, perhaps it's mental, really seems to force me to work harder when rolling.

Toro BJJ/Cageside Gi - my preferred Gi top for teaching kids. Very soft (compared to the Mizunos I favor) and has never scuffed a face of which I've been made aware. 1 1/2 weave I believe. Feels very light and feels great in training.

White Fuji Gi Pants - from my original Gi - almost 8 years ago. Belt loop missing, beaten in, but still working just fine. Made to last.
The Gi in which I've competed the most often in BJJ.


  1. Hello there. I know this is an old entry, do you still write in this blog? If so, I'm desperatly looking for a mizuno erucomp size comparison vs a BJJ gi, can you please help me with your insight and comments?.

    Thanks in advance

  2. it would depend on what bjj gi you're comparing it to. gameness and HCK BJJ gi's are big and bulky and remind me in many ways of a Judo style/cut gi.
    the eurocomp is bar none my favorite tough long term training gi but it is a bigger cut than most BJJ gi's I have tried. that being said, if you want a eurocomp to wear while training BJJ, I recommend getting a half size is possible, ie: I wear a 3.5 eurocomp by mizuno which is cut slimmer and closer to a BJJ style gi but still has the toughness and durability I like in Judo gi's.