Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NoGi Worlds/World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Superfights/Random Grappling Links

I worked both Friday and Saturday night at my other job(s), then woke up and trained for the Submission Only in Richmond, Virginia put on by US Grappling the first week in December, the 7th.
If you're within driving distance, you should compete. It's a great day of Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling.

That being said, I've seen none of the contests/matches fights from this weekend's Jiu-Jitsu expo.

Onto the random grappling links:

Robson talks the focus for white, blue, and purple belts out there.

Some guy's experience training down in Brazil

Gilbert Durinho Burns Talks beating Leandro Lo/NoGi World Championship

World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Superfight Results:

From Graciemag:
"Phillipe Nover vs Efrain Escudero tied after 20 minutes of no-gi match.

João Miyao defeated Eduardo Telles 2-0 on advantages on their super fight.

Keenan Cornelius caught Lucas Leite’s arm within the last two minutes of their super fight.

Rafael Lovato Jr and Murilo Santana tied after a 20-minute sub-only no-gi match.

Caio Terra wrapped up day 1 with a complicated shoulder lock to win his super fight against Nam Phan.
“I wanna thank him for agreeing to fight under my rules, the IBJJF rules”, said Caio after the match

Bruno Malfacine went pass Jeff Glover’s teasing and managed to get a guard pass and a sweep to win his no-gi IBJJF rules fight with a 5-2 score. After the fight, he said: “It’s hard not to get aggravated by Jeff, but if you do that’s when he gets you”.
The second super fight ended with a submission by Dean Lister over Tarsis Humphreys. Under ADCC-like rules, Lister used his famous heel hook to get the finish.
The no-gi super fight between Paulo Miyao and John Fitch was a 20-minute class, we can say. Miyao tried almost every attack in his book but couldn’t get the finnish. Fitch defended with bravery and recognized Miyao’s value after the match by raising his hand.
The last super fight was a tactical battle between Leandro Lo and Jake Shields. The UFC fighter remained on top almost the whole time and Lo tried a series of sweep and foot attacks but no submission was achieved."

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