Monday, November 18, 2013

UFC 167: GSP vs Hendricks Full Video Highlights

I headed north to DC to visit some friends and fellow Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts. I got to train at Yamasaki Academy and have a rare Saturday night off to watch a UFC:

Watching the as of now much ballyhooed GSP/Hendricks, looking at GSP's face is not the only measurable standard of judging a fight.

It's a 5 round fight.
10 point must system.
Things like octagon control, effective aggression et cetera are all taken into consideration.
I just don't think GSP's win was the biggest robbery or job in mixed martial arts et cetera.
Watching Hendricks shoot maybe 1 takedown in 5 rounds is on him. I'm not sympathetic he decided to back pedal for 5 rounds and didn't get the decision. He was barely doing anything the last couple rounds. No knees. No kicks. Pawing with his right hand, occasionally winging his left hand then back to backing up. Blah.

I did okay with my picks. Rashad quickly stopped Chael. Robbie beat McDonald (upset according to some). GSP won a close decision. Ali Something-or-other beat Tim Elliot.

Koscheck blew my picking of the main card correctly by winging that huge right hand and just hanging out afterward then eating that monster hook.

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